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Q: Do you take song requests?


A: Yes, we're happy to accommodate any song requests. Please allow at least 2 weeks notice. 



Q: What equipment is provided by the band? 


A: Everything we need is supplied by us. That includes the instruments, PA system, and floor lights. The

only requirement from you is access to an electrical outlet. We'll take care of the rest. 



Q: Will you take up much space?


A: We are a surprisingly tight fit, and lack of space is never an issue. You can check out some videos of  previous performances to get an idea of how much room we are comfortable with, but we work hard to accommodate whatever space is available to us. 



Q: What time will the band arrive? 


A: We will arrive about 30 to 40 minutes ahead of time. Load in and set up time is usually around 20 minutes. 



Q: How many breaks with you take? 


A: One set is 40-50 minutes long, after which we will take a 15 minute break. During breaks, an ipod will be played over our PA for continuous background music. For performances 2 hours and under, set length may vary. 



Q: Is there anywhere I can see you perform live before booking? 


A: Absolutely! We do a number of public performances in a variety of cities for this reason. You can 

find out where we're playing next on the "shows" page. 



Q: How much do you charge for a performance? 


A: Rates will vary depending on the expectations of the event. Please send us an email or a phone call with the type of event, location of the venue, and length of performance and we'll get back to you with

a free quote. 



Q: Okay, I'd like to book you guys. What's the next step? 


A: To secure the date, we'll need a deposit and contract. The deposit can be paid online via paypal or e-tranfer, with a cheque in the mail, or cash in person. The contract will be sent to you over email, and you can either email your signed copy back, send it through the mail, or sign it in person. Once we've received those two things, we're all set!




Q: Will you perform my ceremony? 

A: Yes we can. For your ceremony we offer music for 20 minute pre-ceremony, the processional, recessional, and any additional required ceremony music. Whatever song requests you have we can oblige as well. 



Q: Do you have any softer background music for cocktails or dinner? 


A: Yes, we also perform a wide variety of jazz standards which offer an elegant background ambiance for your cocktail hour or dinner. We're available as a 3 piece, 4 piece, or a combination of both. 



Q: Do you offer any DJ services along with the band? 


A: All performances come with a PA system which will play background music during any band breaks. We also offer this as a stand alone service available before and/or after the band's performance at an additional fee. 


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